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Robots the new age of toys   

Clementoni introduce 2 NEW Robot Kits
Cyber Robot - For technology enthusiasts, a totally new scientific kit not to be missed... an incredible robot for children to assemble equipped with a Bluetooth module and an impressive 4 game modes!
Download the free Clementoni App for tablets and smartphones and programme the robot*s movements, light effects and sound effects!
You will be able to display a simulation of the programmed command as it is being executed on your device and you will also be able to control the robot in real time, as if you were using a remote control!
To make it even more fun to play with, the robot*s route can be set manually through a circuit board.
The concept, design, development and manufacture are entirely Made In Italy!
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Mio Robot - A unique and original scientific kit with which to build a real robot!
Enjoy programming its path and participate in exciting challenges with your friends, find metals using a magnet and perform many other incredible activities!
What*s more, thanks to the rich collection of interchangeable components included in the set, you can transform the robot as you please.
The illustrated scientific manual includes lots of information on electronics, helping you to become a true robot expert!

Posted 2017-03-26 06:35

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